Suntec City Convention Centre is the region’s most prestigious tech convention venue.  No wonder that it is now the site for the highly anticipated GoodGame Convention 2014 which features the ok.- DOTA2 Cup, Asia’s biggest eSports prize outside of China.

Come 26 December 2014, watch 8 top teams from the region battle it out in competitive eSports game DOTA2.  DOTA2 is a 5 vs 5 collaborative team game where players assume different characters with vastly varying skillsets and magical abilities, and fight to topple the opponent’s throne, or “Ancient” as it is called in-game.  The game made headlines in July 2014, when a tournament organised in Seattle garnered a crowd-funded prize pool of US$10,930,698, growing a whopping $9m from an initial prize pool of US$1.6m.

Co-organized with this exciting tourney is the inaugural GoodGame Convention 2014.  Named after the gaming phrase “gg” which means “good game”, this phrase is always used to compliment the opponent team for having played a sporting game at the end of any competitve round.  Featuring community e-gaming events, fan art alleys, cosplayers and hardware vendors offering latest gaming gear at discount prices, the GoodGame Convention promises to be the must-go event for all avid gamers before the end of the holiday season, where we must bid “gg” to the year of 2014.

GoodGame 2014 and ok.- DOTA2 Cup are organised by Evangel eSports Pte Ltd, a dedicated eSports events company.