The 3rd and final day of Good Game Convention has ended, with a massive turnout to watch the finals of the ok.- DOTA2 cup, Magic the Gathering tournament, Hearthstone fireside gathering and the Singtel DOTA 1v1 competition.

Huge crowds thronged the Singtel booth, as the 1 v 1 DOTA action heated up, and there was standing room only at the giant LED wall, where the remaining top 4 teams in Southeast Asia battled it out for the $50,000 prize.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the day was SingSing’s 1 v 1 DOTA2 show matches where audience participants were invited to pit their skills against SingSing in solo-mid competition.  No surprisingly, SingSing emerged undefeated after 5 exhibition matches, despite being heavily disadvantaged because he had to play the crowd’s favorite hero suggestion.

Once the ok.- DOTA2 cup got underway, the crowd stood transfixed as the top teams displayed their teamwork and lightning fast reflexes.  Team G-Guard from Malaysia emerged from the losers brackets, after beating team KS with a score of 2-1.

The grand finals finally got underway at 9 pm between team CSW, a mixed Australian and Singaporean team against G-Guard, the malaysian team. CSW went into the finals a natural 1-0 advantage due to their victory in the winner’s bracket.  In the first game, CSW chose to go with a pushing line-up, with Tinker, Faceless Void and a Chen!  G-Guard picked an Ember Spirit and a Naga Siren as their choice of carries, and both teams played cautiously, prolonging the game to nearly 90 minutes, before Ember bought a divine rapier, but had it taken away by CSW, to split push to victory.

Taking a 2-0 lead into the next game, CSW decided to go for a more aggressive pick choosing PA as their main carry.  That paid big dividends, as the fat Phantom Assassin slashed her way to a beyond godlike streak, ending the game in convincing fashion after only 40 minutes of play.

Check out some of the photographs of the Final day of Good Game Convention 2014, and thank you for visiting us!  Good Game 2015 promises to be more happening, with more things to do and more freebies and giveaways, and even more exciting eSports matches!

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