Good Game 2014 Convention will take place in Singapore on 26-28 December, 2014. It will feature the ok.DOTA2 Cup with the biggest in Asia eSports prize outside of China.

It will be a great eSports event with lots of exciting exhibitions and side-events. And we definitely think it worth coming and watch real stars compete live. Special guests: SingSing, Tobiwan, Kunkka  and Zuljanim.

To bring more joy and competition to this true gamers gathering Click-Storm will host three daily Hearthstone tournaments. They are free and open to everyone!

The main sponsor of this Hearthstone event is Armaggeddon. They are providing lots of gear prizes, worth S$6,000! There is chance for everyone to come by and get rewarded!

Internet for streaming and gamers will be kindly provided by SingTel.

hearthstone banner

Overall prize fund:


  • All participants should pre-register on for any of the three tournaments (one tournament for each day of the event).
  • Registration will start at 9:30 at the Armaggeddon and Click-Storm booth. Once 64 players are registered, the tournament will start immediately.
  • There is no entry fee for Hearthstone tournaments and for GG Convention. You are welcome!