Toby “TobiwanDOTA” Dawson is undoubtedly one of the greatest shoutcasters in DOTA, and has hosted several DOTA competitions, notably The International, ESLOne amongst others.



Now it’s your chance to catch Tobiwan live in Singapore for the first time, as he shoutcasts for the ok.- DOTA2 Cup, the main feature at Good Game 2014, Singapore’s premier eSports convention.

For a chance to meet and greet Toby, remember to purchase a limited edition Rare or Mythical Goodie Pack, available online as pre-order, at a special discounted rate before 14 Dec 2014.  Come down to the ok.- DOTA2 Cup on 26 Dec-28 Dec 2014 to catch him and the region’s top DOTA2 teams in action.  Admission is free!

Photo credit: Gosugamers