Other than the OK.- DOTA 2 Cup, there will be a variety of exciting activities that will be happening at Good Game 2014. One of those is an interactive cosplay booth for you to try out some cosplay costumes – so you won’t just be admiring Naomi, you can join her in dressing up and be a cosplayer for the day! Local celebrity blogger Naomi Liu will be at our event dressed up as a female DOTA 2 hero! Here’s a sneak preview of Naomi in cosplay – if you’d like to see her as a DOTA 2 hero, make sure you drop by Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on 26-28th December!  We’re planning a very special costume for her that all DOTA fans are sure to appreciate! More details about other activities at Good Game 2014 will be announced so check back here soon! IMG-20141216-WA0005 Here’s a preview of Naomi in a Dynasty Warriors costume!