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Good Game 2014 is the brainchild of a group of DOTA 2 gamers who were disheartened by the shortage of local gaming events in Singapore. Many local gamers would remember the Singaporean gaming scene 5-6 years ago. Back in the times when DOTA was merely a mod of the popular Warcraft III franchise, DOTA gamers were united by a common game. Similarly, CounterStrike gamers would also fondly remember the era of CS 1.6, instead of the current situation of a community split between CS:GO and CS:Online. During this period, Singapore had many locally-run competitions, held at least once a month by either LAN cafés or publishers of the games. The frequency of these competitions encouraged amateur gamers to try their luck, playing in a more competitive setting against more established teams. It was a vibrant and active scene that saw a lot of interaction between gamers.